County Clerk Services

The Bexar County Clerk's Offices provides a number of services for recording various records, requesting copies of records, efiling for court cases, and the withdrawing of funds from cash bonds and the court registry. Each page will provide details on the process for recording or making request, along with downloadable documents and instructions.

All County Clerk Services

  1. Section Phone Location
    Administration 210-335-2216 Courthouse
    100 Dolorosa, Suite 104
    Civil Central Filing 210-335-2231 Courthouse
    100 Dolorosa, Basement
    Criminal Central Filing 210-335-2238 Courthouse
    100 Dolorosa, Basement
    Bond Forfeiture 210-335-2237 Courthouse
    100 Dolorosa, Basement
    Deed Records 210-335-2273 Paul Elizondo Tower
    101 W. Nueva, Suite B109
    Marriage Licenses & Assumed Names 210-335-2223 Paul Elizondo Tower
    101 W. Nueva, Suite 120
    Mental Health 210-335-2536 Justice Center
    300 Dolorosa, Suite B-33
    Probate 210-335-2241 Courthouse
    100 Dolorosa, Basement
    Recordings 210-335-2581 Paul Elizondo Tower
    101 W. Nueva, Suite 103
    Spanish Archives Center 210-335-2125 126 E. Nueva St.
    San Antonio, Texas 78205
    Bookkeeping and Court Registry
    210-335-2483 Courthouse
    100 Dolorosa, Basement
    Vital Statistics 210-335-3009 Paul Elizondo Tower
    101 W. Nueva, Suite B110