Community and Internal Liaison Program

The Bexar County Sheriff's Office has implemented a new and effective program called the Sheriff's Office Community and Internal Liaison Program.

The program is designed for the Bexar County Sheriff's Liaison Officers to have a duty to:

  • Liaise with culturally specific communities and other Officers in our department to foster cooperation and understanding.
  • Advise other Officers on the cultural beliefs, needs and protocols of the community in which they work.
  • Identify potential crime or disorder problems in the community and advise and assist in the prevention strategies Establish and maintain communication between the community and the Bexar County Sheriff's Office.
  • Improve community access to policing services and refer to other services where necessary.
  • Help victims/witnesses navigate the investigative process

Liaison Contact Information

NameTitleEmail Contact 
Sergeant Stephanie Flores #1440Special Projects Unit LGBTQ+ Community LiaisonEmail Sergeant Stephanie Flores
Sergeant Kathryn Brown #1540Recruiting Team Supervisor African American Community LiaisonEmail Sergeant Kathryn Brown
Lieutenant Corey Maciel #1311Deaf Community LiaisonEmail Lieutenant Corey Maciel
Deputy Teresa Ochoa #769Mental Health Unit Hispanic Community LiaisonEmail Deputy Teresa Ochoa
Deputy Samantha Wohler #704Staff Inspection Officer Jewish Community LiaisonEmail Deputy Samantha Wohler
Deputy George Barrera #4126SCORE Unit Faith-Based LiaisonDeputy George Barrera
Sergeant Abraham Abraham #4540 LLB, MPAInternal Affairs Section Indian Community Liaison
Deputy Mark Rodrigue #4397Training Academy Instructor Military Community LiaisonEmail Deputy Mark Rodrigue
Deputy lno Badillo #217SCORE Unit Senior Citizen Community LiaisonEmail Deputy lno Badillo
Deputy Bernadette Palugod #4272Asian / Pacific Islander Community LiaisonEmail Deputy Bernadette Palugod
Deputy Fouad Khadiri #4618Muslim Community LiaisonEmail Deputy Fouad Khadiri