Innovation Fund

The Innovation fund is used to accelerate the growth of our digital information technology sector by funding recruitment, expansion, talent development competitions, professional and technical training, and brand building initiatives. Wherever possible, collaborative, multi-agency applications are strongly encouraged and will be looked upon more favorably.

The County collaborates with our Technology Ecosystem and economic development partners to identify and vet prospective applications, and determine appropriate grant amounts. Grant amounts will depend on the strength of the project’s positive impact on the Technology Ecosystem, available Innovation Funds, funding or other incentives provided by other partners, and is subject to Commissioners Court approval.

Complete and Submit the Innovation Fund application (PDF) to Economic Development for personalized assistance.

  1. Recruitment
  2. Expansion
  3. Talent Development
  4. Professional/Technical
  5. Brand Building


To support economic development and Technology Ecosystem growth by persuading innovation companies from outside the Bexar County market to expand into or to relocate their operations to Bexar County.


  • A company that is not yet operating in Bexar County with plans to relocate or expand its operations into Bexar County, with either:
  • A minimum of 15 employees, with 70% of all employees earning the High Tech Wage, with no employees earning less than the Living Wage.
  • Or, have successfully completed a Techstars accelerator program Grant Awards Based On:
    • Full-time employee wages
    • Number of full-time employees
    • Other incentives provided by partner agencies
    • Letter of recommendation and/or recruitment participation by Technology Ecosystem partners.