Sixmile Creek Drainage Improvements - Roosevelt Bridge

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This project includes the design for the reconstruction of the existing roadway and bridge at Roosevelt Avenue and Sixmile Creek. Channel improvements for this project will include just downstream of Roosevelt Avenue and continue upstream to the new South Flores Bridge. The intent of the project is to provide unflooded access across Roosevelt Ave Bridge during the ultimate 1% (100-year) storm.

The Roosevelt Ave Bridge project is one phase of the multi-phase Sixmile Creek Drainage Improvements which entails channel and bridge improvements between Commercial Avenue and approximately 2,800 feet downstream of Roosevelt Avenue to reduce structural flooding along Sixmile Creek. The intent of the overall project is to reduce the floodplain in adjacent residential areas and provide for unflooded access across several bridges during the ultimate 1% (100-year) storm.

Project Status

Project Status is Detailed Design

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