Bexar County presents the BexarConnect app for iOS and Android phones, now providing Bexar County resources and services in the palm of your hand. Whether it’s helping you find parking for Jury Duty, paying your property taxes online, or getting you to the ballot box, BexarConnect strives to make your life easier.

BexarConnect helps you…examples of the app in an android phone and an iPhone

  • Stay safe with emergency and urgent alerts
  • Stay informed with Bexar County news and events
  • Stay connected with Bexar County through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

BexarConnect streamlines access to…

  • Commissioners Court broadcasts
  • Election information and results
  • Jury Duty information
  • Public and Court records searches
  • Jail visitation information
  • Tax information and resources
  • Payment portals for property taxes, child support, and more
  • BiblioTech services

BexarConnect is compatible with the following devices:

  • iPhones running iOS 10.0 or greater
  • Android phones running Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) or greater
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BexarConnect Support

BexarConnect is a lightweight mobile app designed to connect residents of Bexar County with resources and services. We welcome your feedback on the app, including any features you think we should add in future releases or any issues you’ve experienced with the app.

BexarConnect Privacy Policy

BexarConnect does not collect personal data (e.g., names, phone numbers, emails) on the people using the app. Some data about the device is collected and aggregated for the purposes of monitoring the performance and use of the app. Additional data is collected if the app crashes, including device information (e.g., device type, device brand, OS version, cellular service provider) and what screens were being accessed. Crash data may contain geographically identifiable information if the user is accessing a map when the app crashes. Collected data includes the phone’s make and model, time spent in the app, and the country from which the app is accessed (e.g., United States, Canada).

Usage and crash data is collected by the Microsoft App Center and aggregated before Bexar County receives it. The data is intended to allow Bexar County to see trends in devices used, how the app is used, and what types of content are found most helpful.