Application Development & Analytics

  • Application analysis, design, and development
  • Provide custom application support, integration, and optimization
  • Provide custom application support and optimization

The Application Development service line designs, develops, and deploys applications, interface integrations, and other application components that are highly available and secure in order to meet the needs of or to solve a problem presented by Bexar County offices and departments. Each application is designed with the goal of reducing process execution time and/or operation cost.

Application Types

  • Web Applications - Programs that utilize web browsers and web technology to perform tasks over the internet or intranet
  • Desktop Applications - Stand-alone applications that run on a desktop or laptop computer
  • Cloud Based Applications - An application where cloud-based and local components work together
  • Mobile Applications - Applications designed to run on a mobile device like a phone or tablet
  • Application Programming Interfaces - Interfaces that provide developers with access to software or web services, allowing programmers to extend existing software or enable applications to talk to each other
  • Application Integrations - Applications that enable communication and data transfer between two or more applications across an enterprise

Application Development in Action

Application Development has developed a variety of internal applications, such as an application for the courts where attorneys can access digital evidence available for their cases. They have also worked on a variety of applications for the community.