Child Welfare Board

The Bexar County Child Welfare Board (BCCWB) serves to know the needs of abused and neglected children in Bexar County. To familiarize the citizens of Bexar County with the needs of these children and the programs supported throughout the County. To stimulate families, communities and the county toward the acceptance of the responsibility for adequate planning for children in need of assistance and/or service and encourage citizens in the county for the development of character building, health, educational and recreational work because it is believed that prevention is better than correction.

BCCWB is appointed by the Bexar County Judge and County Commissioners. Each elected official is given three seats for appointment, current appointments can be seen below:

Board of Directors

County Judge Appointees

Sylvia Zamora 
Angela White

Commission Precinct 1

Sandragrace Martinez
Lisa Tunstall-German
Margarita Morales

Commission Precinct 2

Olivia Flores Ortiz
Brielle Insler
Geraldine Garcia

Commission Precinct 3

Meghan Cano
Shelly Miles
Erika Moe

Commission Precinct 4

Naomi Elizabeth Miller
Jennifer Hoag Eydler
Leonora Walker

CWB Information