Legacy Systems

  • Mainframe operations and data control
  • Development of new and modified applications
  • Analysis and support for continuity of operations

The Legacy Systems service line is primarily responsible for the public safety applications used by Bexar County. These applications support Law Enforcement; Prosecution; Court and Clerk Administration; and Adult and Juvenile Correction and Supervision, among others. They also support the sharing of information between other systems within the County, as well as with State and Federal agencies. 

In order to support due process and protect the rights of all Bexar County citizens, Legacy Systems provides superior protection of critical and sensitive data in the servicing of the Bexar County community. This is accomplished through:

  • A committed team of highly trained professionals who develop applications to deliver information to their customers
  • Unparalleled support for law enforcement, court, and prosecution/correction offices and departments
  • Proactive system monitoring to ensure information is distributed safely and securely throughout the County, as well as to other agencies