Infrastructure Services

  • NetworkVoice connectivity and security
  • Data Center, Azure Cloud Services, and ComputeStorage Platform
  • Database administration

The Infrastructure Services service line insists on operational excellence for Bexar County’s offices and departments and its citizens, resulting in an extraordinary experience, including:

  • Access to leading edge technology systems
  • Dependable voice and network connectivity
  • Secured data resources and superior application performance

Infrastructure Services provides a high availability of technology services, delivered by specialized, diversified skillsets to ensure the needs of Bexar County’s departments and offices are met with the highest quality support available.

From robust, reliable infrastructure to cloud services, the Infrastructure team of dedicated highly qualified infrastructure staff is committed to provide excellence in customer experience.

Services Offered

Infrastructure’s services include the technology systems and services that are the engine of BCIT, ensuring the delivery of BCIT-enabled solutions and operations to employees, partners, and/or customers across the County.

Technology Service Offerings

  • Enterprise Data Center – The hub for all connectivity County-wide
  • Systems Administration – Support for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of a wide variety of technology systems used by Bexar County
  • Network Engineering – Support for the configuration and delivery of connectivity for data and voice services
  • Enterprise Voice Services – Maintains voice communications for all Bexar County operations
  • Database Administration – Support for all database instances of the SQL environment and mainframe database operations
  • Disaster Recovery – Responsible for resuming operations after a failure or loss of services
  • Business Continuity – Providing support to ensure that mission critical functions can continue during or after a disaster, crisis, or emergency