eServices & Innovation

  • Coordination of external and internal web presence
  • GIS development and administration
  • Center for innovation and civic engagement

eServices & Innovation (eS&I) is a service line with diverse skills and interests, united around one objective: their customers’ success. They provide high quality, reliable support and services that increase collaboration, innovation, and productivity at all levels for their customers.

From customizable websites and maps to community engagement through social media, eS&I provides digital solutions and relevant information to Bexar County offices, departments, partners, and constituents through internal and external platforms that increase efficiency and help with making decisions, while providing transparency.

eS&I Teams

The eServices and Innovation service line is composed of three teams:

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Web Services
  • Innovation Initiative

The GIS Team serves as an essential resource for Bexar County, supporting and collaborating with over 30 County offices, departments, and partners. The majority of the information managed by local governments has a geographic component to it. Vast libraries of data that relate to locations are available for mapping, the analyses of which support decision-making and promote efficiency, at all levels.

The GIS Group hosts, manages, maintains, and provides critical up-to-date spatial data through visualization and administration of geographic layers, systems, services, and web mapping solutions. Such services integrate hardware, software, and data for capturing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information.

They provide printed, digital, web, demographic, and consulting solutions to Bexar County offices and departments, as well provide vital geographical information to residents, researchers, and visitors.

The Web Team is responsible for delivering reliable and intuitive web services for Bexar County offices, departments, and constituents through the creation of web-based applications and a cloud-hosted website platform.

By developing and maintaining web applications and sites, Bexar County offices and departments are able to provide transparency for constituents while easing the workload of their staff. Bexar County staff are able to direct customers to their dedicated website to access information and tools necessary to conduct business at any time of the day, increasing staff efficiency and empowering constituents.

The new Innovation Initiative will focus on new and emerging technologies to increase community engagement through access to County services, as well as identify opportunities for internal improvement via technology solutions.

eServices & Innovation in Action

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