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Amigos in Mediation

Peer Mediation Training Information

Training Environment

  • The students will need to be able to work in groups of four during the majority of training. The students will practice the mediation process by role-plays in the seating arrangement
  • The best environment for the training workshop is typically in a classroom or library
  • The training room should have audio-visual capability (projection and sound) to be used for a USB/PowerPoint presentation

Four students sitting around as a group

Student wearing a teal color shirt writing on paper

Training Materials

Class Supplies:

  • Flip chart paper for group work
  • Markers for flip chart paper
  • Scratch paper or copies of "Peer Mediation Notes" sheet in training manual
  • Extra copies of the "Agreement Form" to be used during role-play practice

Student Supplies:

  • Pencil/pen
  • Copy of "Peer Mediation Training Program Manual" for each student (sent by email to Peer Mediation Sponsor)

Role of Sponsor During Training

Pre Training:

  • Provide first and last name of students and staff for certificates of completion
  • See Best Practices Guide

Day of Training:

  • Ensure one staff member is present in the room at all times during training for classroom management and safety
  • Provide a copy of manual to students on or before the day of training
  • Ensure students are staying on task during group role-play activities 

Post Training:

  • Contact the BCDRC to schedule follow-up, refresher, and advanced training at no cost

Amigos in Mediation

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