The Office of Criminal Justice Policy, Planning & Programs

       Mission & Overview

  • The Policy Office acts as a local leader for criminal justice policy, training, and technical assistance to advance the direction of justice.  It also acts as a connecting point with national, state and local organizations to set policy and help broadcast information on the best practices. 
  • The Programs Office organizes and manages Bexar County local grant programs.  It functions as a direct line of communication to local nonprofits and the community because the office is responsible for providing assistance and coordinating resources.  
  • The Planning Office is responsible for providing overall County-wide coordination.  It handles planning, communications and budget formulation and execution. 

Bexar County Indigent Defense System Evaluation

Office of criminal justice Staff

  1. Mike Lozito


    Mike Lozito's Biography

    Norma Greenfield-Laborde

    Deputy Director

    Beatrice Marroquin

    Business Services Manager 

    Danesa Sanchez

    Administrative Assistant 

  1. Asma Vahora

    Criminal Justice Research Coordinator


    Senior Data Analyst

    Rori Boone

    Contract Manager 


    Office of Criminal Justice Coordinator 

Office of criminal justice policy, planning & Programs