Double Height Courtroom

What was once two separate courtrooms with adjacent support offices and an intermediate floor separating the two, is now a grand two-story courtroom and ceremonial space, restored to its original 1896 creation. Bexar County Commissioners Court with contributions from both The Hidalgo Foundation, and the Texas Historical Commission's Courthouse Preservation Program, was able to restore this historic space to its original splendor. This courtroom primarily serves as the Commissioner's Courtroom, but this multifunction space can also accommodate high-profile trials as well as private social events, banquets, board meetings, and luncheons.

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Double Height Courtroom Details

  • The Double Height Courtroom is approximately 4,200 square feet including the balcony.
  • The Courtroom seating capacity is approximately 200 people including the balcony:
    • 104 in the gallery (wood chairs with cushion)
    • 22 guest (wood chairs without cushion)
    • 74 seats in the balcony (fixed seating)
  • Supported spaces include:
    • 50-seat Media Briefing Room
    • Servery for food prep
    • A 340 square foot jury room or conference room that sits 23
    • 2 restrooms
    • Two-story Judge's Chambers with private loft
    • Commissioner's Break Room
  • All furniture (except the Judge's Bench) is movable and can be removed from the room.
  • The Judge's Bench is multipurpose and can accommodate Commissioners Court Proceedings as well as full trial proceedings.
  • The Courtroom contains an advanced audio/video system without the use of project screens or wall mounted monitors.
  • The courtroom contains approximately 3,400 square feet of acoustical plaster.
  • The AC system for the room is supplied from within the balcony structure.
  • The majority of the lighting is L.E.D.
  • Public Wi-Fi available.

Double Height Courtroom Fun Facts

  • The floor is reclaimed wood from the 1880 Joske's building. It is long leaf pine, a type of wood no longer being milled.
  • The plaster capitals and pilasters were recreated based on the 4th floor attic courtroom remnants.
  • The spiral stair in the Judge's chambers originally went to the 4th floor where the Jury room and quarters were located for this courtroom.
  • The Commissioner's Break Room contains restored 1926 paneling.