Bexar County Camino Court

Bexar County Camino Court strives to reduce arrest and incarceration rates of alcohol & drug offenders in the criminal justice system. It protects the public by identifying, treating, and rehabilitating those who are drug addicted. It offers judicially supervised substance abuse treatment and utilizes the concept of therapeutic justice. Camino Court holds defendants accountable and assists them in achieving long-term recovery, becoming law-abiding citizens and successful family/community members.

Increasing public safety by rehabilitating the drug addicted offender

To be eligible for Drug Court:

  • 17 years of age or older
  • Substance User Disorder of Moderate or Severe
  • Misdemeanor offense
  • Resident of and/or employed in Bexar County


  • Current or pending violent offense
  • Current or pending felony charge
  • Out of County resident
  • Participating in another problem-solving court
  • Case is from out-of-County

Regular Probation:

  • Probation officer has anywhere from 150 to 200 cases
  • Probation officer is not specialized
  • Needs tend to get ignored
  • No Case Manager
  • Must pay Fines, Court Costs, and probation fees
  • No Recognition for progress
  • Judge knows each defendant by case number, SID number, etc.

Drug Court:

  • Probation officer has less than 45 cases
  • Specialized Probation officer
  • Needs are addressed
  • Assigned a Case Manager
  • Fines, Court Costs and Probation fees are waived
  • Recognition for Progress (incentives)
  • Judge knows the unique circumstances of each defendant's case

Important Documents

The Bexar County Camino Court does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, and age in the delivery of services.