386th Juvenile District Court

Judge Arcelia Trevino

Judge Arcelia Treviño

386th Juvenile District Court

600 Mission Road
San Antonio, TX 78210

Phone: 210-335-1150
Fax: 210-335-1159

Roland Huerta

Court Coordinator
Phone: 210-335-1155

Judge Treviño's Biography

Judge Arcelia Treviño has presided over the 386th District Court since 2017.  Judge Treviño brought more than ten years of legal experience to the bench, having focused on family law, criminal defense and immigration.  She obtained her Juris Doctorate from St. Mary’s School of Law. Prior to obtaining her law degree, she was involved in the education system and currently maintains her teacher certification.  She has been an active participant with the Job Training Partnership Act for three years and is a member of the Inns of Court. Judge Trevino is also an active member of the Juvenile Board, having served since 2017.  She has been chosen to serve as the Chair of the Budget Committee, which is responsible for overseeing the funding and expenditures of services and programs within the juvenile justice system.. 

In addition to her regular docket, Judge Treviño presides over the 386th Post Adjudication Drug Court, which serves children with significant substance use issues.  The department was awarded an Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Drug Treatment Court Program Enrichment Grant in 2018 and Judge 

Treviño anticipates great achievements for children as she works with the department to implement the grant. The Judge also received a letter in December 2018, from the Office of the Governor, Justice Programs Team certifying this Post-Adjudication Drug Court as an operational Texas Specialty Court.

In further service to the children and families who come into the Juvenile Justice System, Judge Treviño created and implemented STRIVE Court. The STRIVE specialty docket has been specifically created to help children who have been referred to the Juvenile Justice System and who have experienced some difficulties in meeting educational goals.  STRIVE is a comprehensive and judicially monitored program aimed at helping children succeed in their educational settings while completing the terms of their probation.

Judge Treviño also presides over Crossroads Court. The immediate goal of this specialty docket is to address the mental health needs of young females in the Juvenile Justice System and to provide needed services.  The long-term goal of the Crossroads docket is to help juvenile females who have been traumatized -- and who may be acting out and committing crimes at least in part because of past negative experiences – find the support they need to move their lives in a different direction.