Probation Services

Probation Services is divided into three divisions:  

  • Field Probation & Court Services Division
  • Intervention & Education Services Division
  • Mental Health Services Division

Geographically decentralized units provide a range of community based services for youth on Deferred Prosecution or Court ordered Probation. Youth are supervised through home, school and office visits.   

Field Probation & Court SERvices

Under the Field Probation and Court Services Division, the Intake Unit functions as the "gateway" into the juvenile system. Once a law enforcement agency brings an apprehended youth to the Detention Center, an Intake Probation Officer reviews the police report and determines juvenile court jurisdiction based on probable cause, and makes the critical decision whether to release the youth to a parent/guardian or detain the youth.

The Court Unit receives the case of the referred youth as a first time referral to the probation department or in some instances after completing a previous term of probation. The youth is monitored by a court Probation Officer until being formally placed on probation or granted a Deferred Prosecution contract.

Once a youth is placed on supervision the case is transferred to one of seven satellite field units in Bexar County. Each unit provides an array of community-based case services for youth on Deferred Prosecution and Court ordered Probation. The division also includes:

  • Gang Intensive Supervision Unit - Provides intensive supervision to gang involved youth and GPS/Electronic Monitoring services.
  • Community Service Restitution (CSR) & Enrichment Unit - Provides avenues for youth to complete mandated community service hours. Enrichment programs such as CHAPS Equine Assisted Therapy, the Salado Wilderness Trail program and seasonal activities provide pro-social opportunities for youth in the community and in our institutions.

intervention & education services

Under Intervention & Education Services, various units provide numerous community-based case services for youth. 

  • Crossover Services - Supervises youth involved with Texas Department of Family & Prevention Services. 
  • Restore Hope - Supervises youth identified as victims of human trafficking. 
  • Volunteer Services - Recruits caring adults as volunteers and mentors to support youth with donations of time, service, and gifts.
  • Project Connect - Provides early intervention and prevention services for youth experiencing truancy and behavior issues at school. 
  • Employment, Education, & Parenting Services - Assists youth in pursuing alternative education programs, GEDs, continuing education, and employment. 
  • Parent Project - Provides evidence based parenting education to caregivers. 
  • Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program - Provides educational services to youth expelled from school. 
  • Strive Court - Assist older youth with transitional living, alternative school settings, job skills, and mentoring.

Mental Health Services Division

The Mental Health Services Division assists youth and their families by working diligently to maintain the delicate balance between rehabilitation and accountability. This division attends to youth who present with a broad range of special needs that are addressed through dedicated, specialized supervision, dedicated treatment services, character/skills training, and residential placement.

This division is comprised of the following programs:

  • Behavioral Health & Field Counseling Services
  • Intensive Clinical Services Unit
  • Internship Services Coordinator 
  • Mental Health Transition Services Coordinator
  • Post Adjudication Substance Abuse Unit
  • Residential Services Unit
  • Sexual Offense Intervention Unit
  • Stabilization Treatment and Evaluation Process
  • Substance Abuse and Family Enrichment Unit