Bexar County Entities

With a population of almost 2 Million people, Bexar County is ranked the 17th largest county in the U.S. San Antonio is home to nearly 1.5 Million, and the County is predicted to grow by more than 1.1 Million more by 2040. This level of growth is expected to generate up to 500,000 new jobs and require considerable infrastructure and service investment. Our mission is to ensure as much of that as possible goes to small business owners in the Bexar County and AACOG region.

The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Department is focused on enabling and growing SMWBEs. HUBs, and DBEs by partnering with the County Purchasing department, Bexar County Public Works, and regional municipalities to deliver opportunities to our entrepreneurs and business owners. This page contains assets for Bexar County, the City of San Antonio, and other municipalities.