Opportunity Link

The Opportunity Link is an initiative of the Bexar County SBE Department to address business development and small, minority and women-owned business participation in public procurement opportunities.


  1. To provide information to support the growth of small, minority and women-owned business enterprises (S/M/WBEs) in the Bexar County region;
  2. To provide business owners easier access to the information on doing business with public entities and of their procurement opportunities;
  3. To share information of regional networking and training opportunities;
  4. To provide business owners with available information and resources on both finance and technical assistance.

Resource Partners

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Bexar County Opportunities

Bexar County Purchasing

The Bexar County Purchasing Department provides procurement services for Bexar County departments and offices. Because of the Commissioners Court philosophy of open, competitive bidding, we wish to provide information to you on how to conduct business with Bexar County.

*The SBE Department does not accept or review any submittals. 

Bexar County Public Works

The Bexar County Public Works Department is responsible for developing and maintaining Bexar County roads, bridges, vehicles, equipment, parks, and facilities. We strive to ensure environmental compliance, fire safety, good working relationships, and high standards of professional management for Bexar County.

*The SBE Department does not accept or review any submittals.