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  1. YouTube Viewings

    Per Texas Office of Court Administration guidelines, in order to ensure that the public has reasonable notice of where to observe court proceedings conducted via Zoom video conferencing, the courts have Youtube channels available for viewing hearings. There is no requirement to keep the proceeding on YouTube after the completion of the hearing. It may be deleted immediately. Recording is not permitted and anyone doing so may be subject to contempt by the court.

    Citation by Publication

    The Office of Court Administration’s Citation by Publication website, which was developed pursuant to Senate Bill 891 (86th Legislature, RS 2019), may be accessed at

    Zoom Plea Process

    Learn how to navigate Zoom during the plea process by viewing the webinar.

    Misdemeanor Wheel Application

    Apply for the Bexar County Misdemeanor Appointment Wheel, Now Available Online!

COVID-19 Notices

Court Official Contact
County Court 1 Judge Helen Petry Stowe
County Court 2 Judge Melissa Saenz 210-335-2573
County Court 3 Judge David J. Rodriguez 210-335-2575
County Court 4 Judge Alfredo Ximenez 210-335-2426
County Court 5 Judge Andrea N. Arevalos 210-335-2549
County Court 6 Judge Erica Dominguez 210-335-2156
County Court 7 Judge Melanie Lira 210-335-2002
County Court 8 Judge Mary Roman 210-335-2005
County Court 9 Judge Gloria Saldaña 210-335-2008
County Court 10 Judge Cesar Garcia 210-335-2947
County Court 11 Judge Erica Peña 210-335-2023
County Court 12 Judge Yolanda Huff 210-335-2750
County Court 13 Judge Rosie Speedlin González 210-335-2625
County Court 14 Judge Carlo Key 210-335-1670
County Court 15 Judge Melissa Vara 210-335-1245
DWI Court Judge Helen Petry Stowe 210-335-2637
Veterans Treatment Court Judge Erica Dominguez 210-335-2156
Auxiliary Jail Court   210-335-6472
Mental Health Court Judge Yolanda Huff 210-335-2750
Adult Drug Court Judge Erica Peña 210-335-2637
Reflejo Court Judge Rosie Speedlin González 210-335-2625
Community Court Judge Melissa Vara 210-335-1245
General Administrative Counsel Dianne García-Márquez 210-335-2115
County Court Administration   210-335-2115

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