Public Defender's Office

The Bexar County Public Defender's Office is authorized to represent indigent defendants in Bexar County, Texas charged with committing both felony and misdemeanor crimes. In addition, our office handles the appeal of cases from all courts in Bexar County, Texas. Cases are assigned to our office by appointment from the judges in the various courts in which we practice. 

The Public Defender's Office represents indigent individuals as appointed by trial courts and as authorized by the indigent defense plans of the Criminal Courts of Bexar County. The Public Defender’s Office does not decide whether a person is indigent or unable to hire a lawyer. We must be appointed by the jail magistrate or one of the County or District Judges in Bexar County. The Public Defender's office is monitored by an oversight board. Its budget is controlled by Bexar County Commissioners Court.

Our goal is to provide our clients the best defense. The Public Defender’s Office prides itself in providing client-centered representation to all of our clients.

Our Divisions & Who We Are

The Public Defender's Office is appointed by the judges of the courts of Bexar County to represent indigent defendants in seeking post-conviction relief. The judges of the misdemeanor courts, criminal district courts and juvenile courts appoint the Public Defender's Office to represent persons on appeal.