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Volunteer Deputy Registrars are entrusted with the responsibility of officially registering voters in the State of Texas. They are appointed by county voter registrars and charged with helping increase voter registration in the state.

A Volunteer Deputy Registrar may:



  • Accept applications for voter registration from residents of Bexar County who are not already registered to vote.
  • Accept change forms from registered voters who wish to change information on their voter registration certificates.
  • Hand out applications for requesting replacements of missing voter registration certificates.
  • Help an applicant fill out the registration application if the applicant cannot read or has a physical disability.




  • A person must be at least 18 years old and never have been convicted of failing to deliver a voter application to a voter registrar.
  • Not have been finally convicted of a felony, or, if convicted, must have
    • fully discharged the sentence, including any term of incarceration, parole, or supervision, or
    • been pardoned or otherwise released from the resulting disability to vote.



New standardized training curriculum has been developed by the Secretary of State as prescribed by the 82nd legislature.  In accordance with House Bill 1570, the Bexar County Voter Registrar will schedule formal training classes (approximately 30 minutes long) to be immediately followed by deputation.

Please call (210) 335-6625 for information regarding available training dates, times and location.



Length of Appointments


You may be appointed a deputy voter registrar at any time. However, your appointment as a deputy voter registrar automatically ends on the next December 31st of an even-numbered year or earlier if:

  • You fail to deliver a completed voter registration application to the registrar
  • If you fail to properly review a voter registration application.

All election materials issued to a deputy registrar, including the certificate of appointment, receipt books, receipts, applications and other forms in the volunteer deputy's possession, must be returned or accounted for upon termination of appointment.


Bexar County Elections Department 


1103 S. Frio, Ste. 100, San Antonio, Tx 78207